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Land Survey Services

GIICo has been involved in a wide range of surveying and Geomatics projects around the country and the surrounding areas. With our experience, we lead professionals & responsible crews, who all strive to provide the best service available at a reasonable price to an extensive list of clients and on a wide range of projects.

GIICo provides expert services in the following fields:

  • Topographic & Cadastral Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Under ground Utility survey
  • As-build Survey
  • Road Survey
  • Volumetric Survey
  • Geophysical Survey

Marine Surveying

GII Surveyors are experienced in mapping of sea-beds, river beds, lake beds, etc. We use purpose built boat, which is used for our hydrographic work. The boat is suitable in open moderate waters.
The system utilizes DGPS (Differential Global Position Satellite) surveying equipment with RTK (Real Time Kinematic) facility allowing us to work within 30km of a base station.
The system relies on multi frequency echo sounders heave compensator electronics to measure the roll and pitch of the vessel. These signals are downloaded to an onboard computer every second.
Vertical accuracy of the system (on land) is 10mm, but with wave motion etc., the realistic vertical accuracy is 60mm. The system is independent of tidal fluctuations, waves, wind and currents.
Pre-determined courses can be set and positioning to accuracy of 50mm can be achieved. Data is collected and downloaded for processing on our drafting module for plan & Cross section.
Furthermore, in order to enrich our marine survey works, we have enhanced our inter agency agreement with Seapro Petroleum and Marine Services S.A.E. For more details, please visit their website:

GPS Services:

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology allows the collection, coordination and confirmation of features on the ground for establishment of ground control or subsequent integration with geographic information systems (GIS).
Our crews have collected hundreds of points using GPS and have extensive experience using GPS to capture ground features for integration with CAD and GIS, and to establish precise survey control for Photogrammetric & Remote sensing programs.

Remote Sensing:

GII Provides expert services in the following fields:
  • Querying and ordering all forms of satellite data
  • Image ortho-rectification
  • Map production
  • Information extraction (e.g. road networks, land cover)
  • 3-D rendering and visualization
  • Output to numerous file types
  • Hard copy output

GIS Data Collection:

GII performs field collection for attribute data related to map features such as street names, land-mark names and types (schools, hotels, hospitals, shops, building heights ..etc) These attributes are used to build database that are needed for the production of new GIS ready maps from Satellite/Aerial images or for the update of existing CAD vector maps.

Our Equipments:

Positioning Equipments

  • LEICA GPS 1200 (Base)
  • LEICA GPS 1200 (Rover)
  • LEICA GNSS 1200 (Base)
  • LEICA GNSS 1200 (Rover)
  • Trimble R8 GPS Receiver
  • Trimble R7 GPS Receiver (Base)
  • Trimmark III 25 watts Data Link for TRIMBLE
  • (Pacific Crest 25 watts Data Link) for LEICA
  • LEICA GPS 9500 Geodetic Receivers
  • F180 Coda Octubus Motion Sensor

Land Survey Equipments

  • LEICA 405 Total Station
  • LEICA 1101 Total Station
  • LEICA 407 Total Station
  • X3M Compact GPR Solution
  • TRIMBLE 3600DR Total Station
  • LEICA DN03 Precise Digital Level with Infar Ro
  • Underground detector RD4000TD
  • Underground detector RD8000TD
  • LEICA SPRINTER Digital Level

Geophysical Equipments

  • Resistivity sounding and imaging.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar.
  • Seismic Refraction and Reflection.
  • Electromagnetic survey.
  • Magnetic Proton magnetometers
  • Cesium Magnetometer
  • Gradiometers
  • Metal Detector
  • Magnetic Locator
  • Marine Geophysics facilities

In addition to undertaking complete survey projects, our crews are also available for hiring on daily or monthly basis.

Geophysical surveys:

GII provides comprehensive geophysical services across the country and the middle east to solve a large variety of problems for a diverse group of clients.
Our geophysical team remains dedicated to providing quality geophysics for all clients on all projects
Download GIICO Geophysics

Geophysical Applications :

  • Groundwater Resource Investigation
  • Depth to water table
  • Bedrock investigation
  • Saltwater Intrusion
  • Seismic Hazard Assessment
  • Crosshole Surveys
  • Fault Zone Mapping
  • Landfill Bottom Evaluation
  • Landfill Boundary Mapping
  • Landfill Delineation
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Plume Mapping
  • Power System Grounding
  • Utility detection
  • Sinkholes and cavity detection.
  • Soil Properties
  • Soil Salinity
  • Trench Boundary Mapping
  • Grave Locating
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection.
  • Archaeological Investigations

Licensed Software :

SDR Survey and mapping, Liscad Survey and engineering environment, SKI-L1 Software for post processing GPS data, Hewlett packard VL4 pentium workstations, Hewlett packard 750c plotter, PNDS200, HYPACK

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