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GIICO provides complete set of equipments and experienced personnel for drilling wells operations in support of GIICO's projects involving geological exploration, surveying and hydrogeological studies.

GIICo Capabilities

  • Drilling and construction of water wells for production, dewatering or monitoring
  • Drilling of deep wells including installation and errection of complete turn key Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Water well services including submersible pumps. Supply, installation and maintenance
  • Work over for oil & water wells including drilling of shallow wells
  • Drilling deep wells for seismic geological studies
  • Drilling and construction of injection wells
  • Drilling deep wells by using continuous coring for geological study purposes
  • Supply of drilling tools and well casing and screen, mud additives and wellhead accessories

Major drilling facilities

GIICo has abundant resources, both manpower and equipment, to the demands of each project needs, time constraints and different site conditions

Equipments & Tools:

  • CHALLENGER 3T-320 (Ref#7000N)
  • Rig XJ-350 - 1no
  • Speedstar-22HDM -1no
  • Speedstar-SS40 -2nos
  • Gardner Denver 2000 Pulling Head Kenworth- 2nos
  • Gardner Denver 1500 -1no
  • Acker Drilling Rig - AD II (mounted on trucks, crawlers,barges)-13nos
  • Speed loader, Mercedes Benz (2nos)
  • Ferrari Crane , Palfinger Crane
  • Generators of various capacities
  • Air compressors of various capacities (750 PSI)
  • Mud pumps of various capacities
  • Welding Machines
  • Submersible pumps of various capacities
  • Various sizes & type of bits
  • Geophysical logger
  • Water depth indicators (electrical) - water depth upto 350m depth
  • Various Fishing tools
  • Sand Pumps
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