HSE Promotional Event

HSE Promotional Event

Date : 14.11.2020
to 30.11.2020


“HSE Promotional Event”
• KNPC & GOFSCO PMT were initiated a mass tool box talk “ on HSE PROMOTIONAL EVENT” at KNPC MAB-CFP. All Site Crew GIICO & GOFSC key personnel were participated with zeal.
• The main intent of this subject to encourage the workers about their efforts in compliance to HSE Requirements & promote to enhance HSE Culture at field. During the event presentation given in multi languages.
• At the end of event sub-contractor person Name Mr. Nasir Emp1390 (GIICO) has been awarded with HSE Promotional Gift Voucher (10KD) for complying to KNPC HSE requirements during his work at site.


مشاركة عزاء

تتقدم أسرة شركة الخليج للتفتيش الدولية ممثلة بمجلس إدارتها والإدارة التنفيذية وجميع العاملين

بخالص التعازي والمواساة بوفاة

السيد/ فيصل سلطان بن عيسى

(من مؤسسي شركة الخليج للتفتيش الدولية)

سائلين الله أن يتغمد الفقيد بواسع رحمته وأن يلهم أهله الصبر والسلوان

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون