Subcontract # 072101/C/018 MEW/C/4410-2011/2012

Construction of Drainage Wells
Subcontract # 072101/C/018 MEW/C/4410-2011/2012


  • LOCATION Sabah Al Ahmed - 8 Main Transformers Stations
  • YEAR JUNE 2014

CONTRACT NO. MEW/C/4410/2011-2012 – NEW 300/132/11KV SUBSTATION- DRAINAGE, MONITORING WELLS, ELECTRICAL AND PUMP INSTALLATION AND PIPING WORK FOR: SABAH AL-AHMAD 2A, 4A, 2B, 4B, 4D, 2G, 2H & 2K- Provide all required equipment, materials, and labor; and construct, develop and complete 30 m. deep singel monitoring well with 6 inch nominal size double UPVC casing-screen strings gravel packed and cemented at the defined intervals in 12½ inch size open hole as specified


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