Environmental (Start soon)

Environmental (Start soon)

GIICO provides all drilling and sampling services for environmental projects including deep ground water monitoring wells. GIICO provides major environmental Service in association with a World Wide Environmental Consulting firm (SMEC) Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation ( Kuwait ).

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Science Studies
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Managements Systems
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Ecological Studies
  • Urban Planning & Design
  • Waste Management

Environmental Assessment

With the need to develop a balance between the often short-term planning horizons of some projects and activities, and the long-term needs of the environment, GII has strengthened its skills in many areas of environmental engineering and environmental science. Core skills include:

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Works approval applications
  • Noise assessment
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Development of environmental management plans
  • Air quality investigations
  • Ecological, archeaological and heritage studies
  • Pollution monitoring, control and management systems and Social impact assessment

Environmental Science

The environmental science skills acquired through national and international project work include:

  • Water resource studies
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies and modelling
  • Water quality monitoring and analysis
  • Environmental management strategies
  • Ecological mapping
  • Conservation management
  • Species impact statement
  • Land use studies
  • Wetland design and management
  • Biodiversity studies
Third Party Industrial Inspection

Third Party Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspection Services


Services include:

  1. Fabrication control
  2. Bolted and welded structure control
  3. Welding procedure specifications and its qualification
  4. Checking mechanical properties of steel
  5. Checking fireproofing and insulation
  6. Non-destructive testing of materials
  7. Testing and certification of tower, mobile and overhead cranes
  8. Pre-shipment inspection of all kinds of scraps
  9. Evaluation and assessment of all kinds of vehicle /equipment, plants etc
  10. Supply of NDT manpower with or without equipment
  11. We have associates all over the world for any type of Third Party Inspection/pre-shipment inspection jobs
  12. Review of the incoming material certificates and compliance of materials with certificates
  13. Visual inspection for workmanship, finish and execution
  14. Dimensional check against approved drawings, catalogues etc.
  15. Witnessing of Destructive testing of materials to standards (Tensile, bending, shear, hardness & impact)
  16. Witnessing of Non-destructive testing according to requirements such as industrial radiography, ultrasonic flaw defection, dye penetration check, magnetic particles check & eddy current check.
  17. Conducting welder’s qualification and procedure qualification tests at client’s workshop.
  18. Witnessing, Testing and commissioning of equipment
  19. Inspection and testing of all kinds of light and heavy equipment (lorry, mobile, crawler, overhead tower cranes and link belt cranes etc.)
  20. Testing of coating&wrapping of painting cement mortar lining, rubber lining and foam thermal insulation
  21. At the point of manufacturing, working with overseas affiliates as appropriate and at the point of shipment, working during field erection and construction


  • International Consolidated Insp. Services –Germany
  • Newtech Consulting & Engineering GMBH–Germany
  • Kayell Associates–England
  • Inspectorate(Holland)B.V.–Holland
  • M/s. Serge Lepine–France
  • M/s.Q.A.Management Services Pty. Ltd. –Australia
  • Inspectrote (Suiss) S.A.–Switzerland
  • M/s. In–Spec. Kobe Limited–Japan
  • M/s. Rintercontrols Q.E.–Italy
  • M/s. CCIC Shanghai–China
  • M/s. Bureau of Standards–South Africa
  • Geecy Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. – India
  • M/s. Superintendence Co. of India (P) Ltd.–India
  • M/s. SPEX – Specialized Experts Quality Services Ltd. – Hong Kong
  • M/s Xi’an An-core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd. China

Shanghai – China

  • M/s. Chitako Xian – China
  • M/s. Arotec GmbH, Dusseldrof– Germany
  • M/s. GLIS Gulf Lloyds India Pvt. Ltd. – India
  • M/s. Lindinger Inspection Service Pvt. Ltd. – India
  • M/s.CCI International Inspection Services Ltd.

representsUnderwriters Laboratories Inc. USA, in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Pakistan as their inspection center.

staff consists of qualified and experienced inspectors who undertake surveillance inspection and accept construction works in accordance to recognized international standards (such as API, BSS, ASME, ASTM, ISO and DIN). Inspection services are provided for electrical and mechanical products, pipe and manufactured goods, buildings and facilities, foodstuffs and other materials

Topography And Marine Survey

Topography And Marine Survey


Vertical accuracy of the system (on land) is 10mm, but with wave motion etc., the realistic vertical accuracy is 60mm. The system is independent of tidal fluctuations, waves, wind and currents. Pre-determined courses can be set and positioning to accuracy of 50mm can be achieved. Data is collected and downloaded for processing on our drafting module for plan & Cross section.

GIICO has been involved in a wide range of surveying and Geomatics projects around the country and the surrounding areas. With our experience, we lead professionals & responsible crews, who all strive to provide the best service available at a reasonable price to an extensive list of clients and on a wide range of projects.

GII Surveyors are experienced in mapping of sea-beds, river beds, lake beds, etc. We use purpose built boat, which is used for our hydrographic work. The boat is suitable in open moderate waters. The system utilizes DGPS (Differential Global Position Satellite) surveying equipment with RTK (Real Time Kinematic) facility allowing us to work within 30km of a base station. The system relies on multi frequency echo sounders heave compensator electronics to measure the roll and pitch of the vessel. These signals are downloaded to an onboard computer every second.

GIICO provides expert services in the following fields:

  • Topographic & Cadastral Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Under ground Utility survey
  • As-build Survey
  • Road Survey
  • Volumetric Survey
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Mobile Mapping Survey service

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology allows the collection, coordination and confirmation of features on the ground for establishment of ground control or subsequent integration with geographic information system (GIS). Our crews have collected hundreds of points using GPS and have extensive experience using GPS to capture ground features for integration with CAD and GIS and to establish precise survey control for Photogrammetric & Remote sensing programs.

Our range of services also includes:

  • Querying and ordering all forms of satellite data
  • Image ortho-rectification
  • Map production
  • Information extraction ( eg. Road networks , land cover)
  • 3-D rendering and visualization
  • Output to numerous file types
  • Hard copy output
  • Establishment of ( Geodetic ) survey networks
  • Preparation & updating of town maps in scales : 1:500, 1:1000, 1: 2000, 1:5000, 1:10000
  • Surveying services during construction works of public private buildings as well as roads and industrial plants
  • Locating underground devices ( pipes, cables etc….)
  • Other surveying and cartographic works
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Earthworks

GII Performs field collection for attribute data related to map features such as street names, land mark names and types ( schools , hotels, hospitals, shops, building s heights …….) these attributes are used to build database that are needed for the production of new GIS read y maps from Satellite / Ariel images or for the update of existing CAD vector maps.

GII provides comprehensive geophysical services across the country and the Middle East to solve a large variety of problems for a diverse group of clients.

Our Geophysical team remains dedicated to providing quality geophysics for all clients on all projects


To be able to meet the requirements of our clients  we have ongoing research and development programmes covering every aspect of our work.


GIICO provides services of high quality, has a proven track record and remains committed to the success of each assignment it undertakes.


As employees cooperate with each other and leverage each others strengths, there is more productivity in GIICO.


Please download equipment tools.

Drilling Water Wells Services

Drilling Water Wells Services


GIICO Operates with many drilling and work-over Rigs, mechanical and hydraulic types to carry out many range of depth and type of water wells, with experience of over thousands of drilled meters yearly. All of our employees are qualified, licensed and certified.

Since its creation, the well drilling department have expanded into new markets providing new clients with shallow/deep water well and oil &  gas well services.

Today GIICO’s arsenal of many rigs range from 150HP to 750HP permitting drilling of all type of wells with depths up to 3000m.Recently GIICO added in his fleet a fast move work-over rig 350HP truck mounted.

GIICO continuously updates its modern ¬fleet of land rigs through investment and application of latest technology. Rigs are equipped with the most advanced equipment available and this combined with the experienced drilling team makes GIICO the best choice for drilling and work over projects.

Our Services

  • Drilling and construction of production water wells, dewatering or monitoring
  • Construction of deep anode well for catholic protection system
  • Water well services including submersible pumps supply, installation and maintenance
  • Work over for oil & water wells including drilling of shallow wells
  • Drilling deep wells for seismic geological studies
  • Drilling and construction of injection wells
  • Drilling deep wells by using continuous coring for geological study purposes
  • Supply of drilling tools, well casing and screen, mud additives and wellhead accessories
  • Endoscopy inspection until -600 meters depth with colour borehole camera

Our Fleet

  • CHALLENGER 150.000lbs
  • Rig XJ-350 200.000lbs
  • Speedstar-22HDM
  • Speedstar-SS40 (2 rigs)
  • Gardner Denver 2000 (3 rigs)
  • Gardner Denver 1500
  • Acker Drilling Rig – AD II truck-mounted (13 nos)
  • Geophysical logging unit
  • Borehole colour camera for water well endoscopy, can reach 500 meter
  • And of course all needed Vehicles, equipment and tool such as Truck, trailer, speed-loader, mud pumps, air-compressor, electric generators fishing tools,…

Headline Goal

  • Improve Oil & Gas work-over services
  • Explore new markets
  • Water well regeneration.
  • New deep water well horizon

Major drilling facilities

GIICO has abundant resources, both manpower and equipment, to the demands of each project needs, time constraints and different site conditions.

Equipment Tools

Download Water Wells Drilling And Services equipment tools.

Quality Control & Material Testing

Quality Control & Material Testing

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

GIICO is equipped with a certified laboratory capable of providing prompt materials testing results. Our laboratory Engineers / Technicians inspect, test, and certify materials with efficient test data turnaround.

During the construction phase of projects, GIICO’s qualified and well-trained engineers and technicians conduct on-site and laboratory tests on various construction materials to verify compliance with the required specifications and standards. Typical field tests for earth works include in-situ density of compacted layers by sand-replacement method using Sand-Cone and Speedy Moisture Tester. Field tests for fresh concrete include determination of temperature, slump, air content and density.

Laboratory tests for quality control of soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt and water include the following:
    • Soils
    • Particle Size Distribution (Sieve & Hydrometer)
    • Atterberg Limits
    • Proctor
    • CBR
    • Chemical
    • Aggregate
    • Grading
    • Soundness
    • Los Angeles Abrasion
    • Flakiness Index
    • Elongation Index
    • Absorption, Bulk, SSD & Apparent densities
    • Chemical tests
    • Concrete tests
    • Compressive Strength (cubes,cylinder,blocks)
    • Cement content
    • Water absorption
    • Coring, core preparation and compressive strength
    • Chemical tests
    • Other tests for fresh & hardened concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Coring
    • Layer thickness
    • Density
    • Extraction, Gradation analysis
    • Water

Our other testing capabilities include unconfined Compressive and Point Load Strength Index on rock cores, Triaxial, Direct Shear, Consolidation, thermal and electrical resistivity of soils, and maximum -minimum density, slakes durability etc.

For conducting the above tests, GIICO owns a range of new and well-maintained testing equipments, which are calibrated periodically as per the requirements of Ministry of Public Works (MPW).

Condition Survey and Structural Evaluation by Load Test

GIICO’s engineers and technicians have vast experience on condition survey of new, old and fire damaged structures. To accomplish this task we posses different testing equipments such as Drilling Machines, Core Bits with Diameter ranging from 3″ to 6″, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV), Cover-meter, Half-Cell Potential, Schmidt Hammers, Concrete resistivity, pull off/out tests, petro-graphic analysis etc. Both materials and structural analyses are conducted.

We also have capabilities to conduct structural load test on structural elements and evaluation based on the test results to check their structural integrity.

Calibration of Testing Equipment

GIICO has various reference instruments for calibration of thermometers, balances and scales, moulds, batching plants etc. We also calibrate speedy moisture tester and sand cone.

Consultancy Services

We also undertake consultancy services for evaluation of stockpile material, design of concrete mix, trial mixes, preparation of specifications, establishment of QA and QC schemes, failure investigations and statistical analysis of concrete tests etc.

Third Party Inspection & Testing Services

GIICO has the capability to set up full scale site laboratory for third party testing services in major project sites according to the requirements of client specifications.

GIICO can also supply experienced technicians as per the project contract requirements for QA/QC works involving earth works, concrete inspections etc.

List of Equipment & other Laboratory Items (Soil – Concrete – Chemical )

  1. Sand cone test set
  2. Speedy moisture tester
  3. Digital Balance 20 kg
  4. Triple Beam Balance (20 kg)
  5. Reference Thermometer
  6. Schmidt Hammer C-380 SN: C380/AG/1136
  7. Thermocouple Sr. 170603904 with K/Probe
  8. Electronic Balance (30000 g ) 01928096021
  9. Direct Shear proving Ring (2 kN)
  10. Oven (Y9D091)
  11. Liquid Limit Equipment
  12. 4mm to 75 mm – 12″ dia size
  13. 0.063 to 4.75 mm – 8″ dia size
  14. Proving Ring 2 /5/50/60 kN (Triaxial) 1093699
  15. Hydraulic Jack ( 25 TON ) 1212265HH
  16. Compressive Machine(3000kN) ( 07010196 )
  17. Soil Resistivity DET 1339
  18. Compressive Machine (3000KN) (Sn. 03094826)
  19. Electronic Balance ( 3100 g )
  20. Electronic Balance (50 kg) 0008648-6BG
  21. Digital Caliper FF302424
  22. Vernier caliper 10376822
  23. Reference Thermometer 35745121
  24. Gauge
Geotechnical Investigation Services

Geotechnical Investigation Services


What makes GULF INSPECTION INT’L CO (GIICO) different?

The answer is due to:

Value delivered. & GIICO always do more than just talk about value and GIICO demonstrate it.
GIICO is one of the strongest geotechnical & materials engineering resources & Topographic, marine, geophysics survey & drilling monitoring and water wells and industrial inspection in The Middle East Area.

With extensive drilling capabilities and one of the largest, in-house-owned equipment inventories in the nation, GIICO has the ability to explore onshore, nearshore, and offshore under any set of environmental or trafficability conditions. We combine sound local resources with GIICO’s international business to address the most complex of situations — or the simplest — with the goal of delivering an

It is worth mentioning about our civil Engineering consulting services. Our major specialty lies in geotechnical and foundation engineering; however, we have the capability and experts to provide related services in Civil, Environmental and Mechanical engineering. We are provided with all latest technologies to produce the best quality of design and reports using our 486 computers, digitizers, scanners & laser printers. We have a good number of sophisticated and latest geotechnical software’s to solve issues such as stability analysis, dewatering, site supports wave equation for piles, fortification, soil reinforcement system etc.

Geotechnical services include site investigation planning, sub surface exploration and in-situ tests (onshore & offshore), Geotechnical Instrumentation, soil Mechanics and Foundation, Engineering Analysis, Seepage and Ground water Studies, pile capacity calculations. WE also offer a wide range of geotechnical field works and lab testing works for different project needs. We carry out drilling and sampling for Environmental studies too.

GIICO has abundant resources, both manpower & equipment to the demands of each project needs, time constraints and different site conditions.

GIICO has complete laboratory facility to conduct all types of geotechnical laboratory tests to determine physical, electro chemical and strength properties of soil.

Geotechnical consulting is always recommended to be provided locally by an experiences and professional consulting firm. Our Technical staff of engineers and technicians is headed by qualified professionals of GIICO.

Our activities in Geotechnical Investigation works:

  • Geotechnical consulting services
  • Soil investigation and foundation engineering analysis ( Design analysis & soil/ structural interaction problems using PLAZIS software)
  • Site Investigation planning
  • Subsurface Exploration and insitu testing( Offshore & Onshore)
  • Laboratory testing ( soil , concrete , cement , Asphalt, Aggregate, water)
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Engineering Geological Studies
  • Design of Earth Retaining structure
  • Building evaluation
  • Seepage and Ground Water studies
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Civil Inspection
  • Non Destructive testing ( concrete)

Pile Testing

  • Low strain pile integrity testing
  • High stain dynamic pile testing
  • Lateral displacement by inclinometer
  • Pile load tests (third party witness)

As we hire and retain top- quality employees specialized in their area of work, we can provide experts in all areas related to geotechnical works

We have designed and administered hundred of Projects in Geotechnical/ Civil engineering works under most surface and subsurface conditions.


GIICO always providing the safest places to work in the geotechnical & materials engineering resources & Topographic, marine, geophysics survey & drilling monitoring and water wells and industrial inspection. We work together and take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others.

To achieve this, GIICO employees strive to…

  • Always act in a safe and responsible manner
  • Lead by example and promote trust
  • Intervene and welcome intervention from others
  • Stop any activity we feel is unsafe or where control is being lost
  • Accept responsibility for our actions


Geophysical survey methods produce non-intrusive results and can help manage unknown risks. It is particularly beneficial in understanding subsurface conditions and their impact on design and construction costs. Our professionals provide relevant and appropriate geophysical studies through applied knowledge of geophysical methods, geology and engineering.

  • Archaeological Surveying
  • Electrical Logging
  • Geological Mapping
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Pavement and Structural Investigations
  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Sonic Integrity Logging
  • Subsurface Hazard Detection
  • Subsurface Utility Location
  • Vibration Monitoring

To achieve this goal we need the following:

  • Soft wares.
  • Suitable equipments
  • Technical staff.


  1. Boreholes
  2. Standpipes (Ground water level)
  3. Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  4. Cone Penetration Test (CPT)
  5. Dynamic Probing (DPH, DPSH)
  6. Dynamic Cone Pentration (DCP)
  7. Electrical Resistivity (Wenner 4-pin)
  8. Electromagnetic survey
  9. Cross-hole seismic survey
  10. Down-hole seismic survey
  11. Plate load test
  12. Cyclic Plate load test
  13. Vane shear test
  14. Pressuremeter test
  15. Infiltration Test
  16. In-situ (Field) CBR
  17. Thermal Resistivity
  18. Dip meter for GWL monitoring
  19. Thin Wall Tube sampling
  20. Core sampling
  21. Falling Head Permeability
  22. Rising Head Permeability
  23. In-situ density (sand replacement)