Quality Control & Material Testing

Quality Control & Material Testing

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

GIICO is equipped with a certified laboratory capable of providing prompt materials testing results. Our laboratory Engineers / Technicians inspect, test, and certify materials with efficient test data turnaround.

During the construction phase of projects, GIICO’s qualified and well-trained engineers and technicians conduct on-site and laboratory tests on various construction materials to verify compliance with the required specifications and standards. Typical field tests for earth works include in-situ density of compacted layers by sand-replacement method using Sand-Cone and Speedy Moisture Tester. Field tests for fresh concrete include determination of temperature, slump, air content and density.

Laboratory tests for quality control of soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt and water include the following:
    • Soils
    • Particle Size Distribution (Sieve & Hydrometer)
    • Atterberg Limits
    • Proctor
    • CBR
    • Chemical
    • Aggregate
    • Grading
    • Soundness
    • Los Angeles Abrasion
    • Flakiness Index
    • Elongation Index
    • Absorption, Bulk, SSD & Apparent densities
    • Chemical tests
    • Concrete tests
    • Compressive Strength (cubes,cylinder,blocks)
    • Cement content
    • Water absorption
    • Coring, core preparation and compressive strength
    • Chemical tests
    • Other tests for fresh & hardened concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Coring
    • Layer thickness
    • Density
    • Extraction, Gradation analysis
    • Water

Our other testing capabilities include unconfined Compressive and Point Load Strength Index on rock cores, Triaxial, Direct Shear, Consolidation, thermal and electrical resistivity of soils, and maximum -minimum density, slakes durability etc.

For conducting the above tests, GIICO owns a range of new and well-maintained testing equipments, which are calibrated periodically as per the requirements of Ministry of Public Works (MPW).

Condition Survey and Structural Evaluation by Load Test

GIICO’s engineers and technicians have vast experience on condition survey of new, old and fire damaged structures. To accomplish this task we posses different testing equipments such as Drilling Machines, Core Bits with Diameter ranging from 3″ to 6″, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV), Cover-meter, Half-Cell Potential, Schmidt Hammers, Concrete resistivity, pull off/out tests, petro-graphic analysis etc. Both materials and structural analyses are conducted.

We also have capabilities to conduct structural load test on structural elements and evaluation based on the test results to check their structural integrity.

Calibration of Testing Equipment

GIICO has various reference instruments for calibration of thermometers, balances and scales, moulds, batching plants etc. We also calibrate speedy moisture tester and sand cone.

Consultancy Services

We also undertake consultancy services for evaluation of stockpile material, design of concrete mix, trial mixes, preparation of specifications, establishment of QA and QC schemes, failure investigations and statistical analysis of concrete tests etc.

Third Party Inspection & Testing Services

GIICO has the capability to set up full scale site laboratory for third party testing services in major project sites according to the requirements of client specifications.

GIICO can also supply experienced technicians as per the project contract requirements for QA/QC works involving earth works, concrete inspections etc.

List of Equipment & other Laboratory Items (Soil – Concrete – Chemical )

  1. Sand cone test set
  2. Speedy moisture tester
  3. Digital Balance 20 kg
  4. Triple Beam Balance (20 kg)
  5. Reference Thermometer
  6. Schmidt Hammer C-380 SN: C380/AG/1136
  7. Thermocouple Sr. 170603904 with K/Probe
  8. Electronic Balance (30000 g ) 01928096021
  9. Direct Shear proving Ring (2 kN)
  10. Oven (Y9D091)
  11. Liquid Limit Equipment
  12. 4mm to 75 mm – 12″ dia size
  13. 0.063 to 4.75 mm – 8″ dia size
  14. Proving Ring 2 /5/50/60 kN (Triaxial) 1093699
  15. Hydraulic Jack ( 25 TON ) 1212265HH
  16. Compressive Machine(3000kN) ( 07010196 )
  17. Soil Resistivity DET 1339
  18. Compressive Machine (3000KN) (Sn. 03094826)
  19. Electronic Balance ( 3100 g )
  20. Electronic Balance (50 kg) 0008648-6BG
  21. Digital Caliper FF302424
  22. Vernier caliper 10376822
  23. Reference Thermometer 35745121
  24. Gauge