Third Party Industrial Inspection

Third Party Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspection Services


Services include:

  1. Fabrication control
  2. Bolted and welded structure control
  3. Welding procedure specifications and its qualification
  4. Checking mechanical properties of steel
  5. Checking fireproofing and insulation
  6. Non-destructive testing of materials
  7. Testing and certification of tower, mobile and overhead cranes
  8. Pre-shipment inspection of all kinds of scraps
  9. Evaluation and assessment of all kinds of vehicle /equipment, plants etc
  10. Supply of NDT manpower with or without equipment
  11. We have associates all over the world for any type of Third Party Inspection/pre-shipment inspection jobs
  12. Review of the incoming material certificates and compliance of materials with certificates
  13. Visual inspection for workmanship, finish and execution
  14. Dimensional check against approved drawings, catalogues etc.
  15. Witnessing of Destructive testing of materials to standards (Tensile, bending, shear, hardness & impact)
  16. Witnessing of Non-destructive testing according to requirements such as industrial radiography, ultrasonic flaw defection, dye penetration check, magnetic particles check & eddy current check.
  17. Conducting welder’s qualification and procedure qualification tests at client’s workshop.
  18. Witnessing, Testing and commissioning of equipment
  19. Inspection and testing of all kinds of light and heavy equipment (lorry, mobile, crawler, overhead tower cranes and link belt cranes etc.)
  20. Testing of coating&wrapping of painting cement mortar lining, rubber lining and foam thermal insulation
  21. At the point of manufacturing, working with overseas affiliates as appropriate and at the point of shipment, working during field erection and construction


  • International Consolidated Insp. Services –Germany
  • Newtech Consulting & Engineering GMBH–Germany
  • Kayell Associates–England
  • Inspectorate(Holland)B.V.–Holland
  • M/s. Serge Lepine–France
  • M/s.Q.A.Management Services Pty. Ltd. –Australia
  • Inspectrote (Suiss) S.A.–Switzerland
  • M/s. In–Spec. Kobe Limited–Japan
  • M/s. Rintercontrols Q.E.–Italy
  • M/s. CCIC Shanghai–China
  • M/s. Bureau of Standards–South Africa
  • Geecy Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. – India
  • M/s. Superintendence Co. of India (P) Ltd.–India
  • M/s. SPEX – Specialized Experts Quality Services Ltd. – Hong Kong
  • M/s Xi’an An-core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd. China

Shanghai – China

  • M/s. Chitako Xian – China
  • M/s. Arotec GmbH, Dusseldrof– Germany
  • M/s. GLIS Gulf Lloyds India Pvt. Ltd. – India
  • M/s. Lindinger Inspection Service Pvt. Ltd. – India
  • M/s.CCI International Inspection Services Ltd.

representsUnderwriters Laboratories Inc. USA, in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Pakistan as their inspection center.

staff consists of qualified and experienced inspectors who undertake surveillance inspection and accept construction works in accordance to recognized international standards (such as API, BSS, ASME, ASTM, ISO and DIN). Inspection services are provided for electrical and mechanical products, pipe and manufactured goods, buildings and facilities, foodstuffs and other materials