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Drill Well
Drill Well

Drilling Well Services

GIICO is committed to provide Water Well Drilling and related services for deep & shallow wells to its esteemed clients.


Our services include drilling & completion of new water producing wells, and work over / repairing of sick water wells with reduced or ceased production.


We drill cathodic protection wells to save precious underground facilities like pipelines and other metal structures as well as monitor their condition from time to time.

Services are also provided to inject treated effluent / waste water and to lower the water level as required. GIICO can also provide continuous water supply for a long period in a client's location by drilling new wells and using electrical submersible pumps.   


* Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program
* Check total depth, perform short pumping and recovery tests                

* Redevelopment of the wells and clean by air lifting to the final total depth
* Installation / Pulling Out of Submersible Pumps and Cleaning of Water Wells,         for Ground Water Production Fields and De-watering wells in different                     locations
* Drilling & construction of Shallow Water Wells for Reduction of Underground         Water, Including Electrical, Piping Works, Supply, Installation of Pipes                         Submersible, Pumps and Accessories 
* Drilling Deep wells, Development, Testing and Completion Procedures for               Production Wells at Dammam, Including Electrical, Piping Works, Supply,                 Installation of Pipes Submersible Pumps and Accessories 
* Drilling and work over of Assessment / cathodic protection / de-watering and     Injection wells.


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