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As A Third party inspection service provider company our reputation depends largely on our expertise and knowledge.
The ability to support our continuous learning, ongoing development and growth are the foundation from which we build.
This is why at GIICO we strive to attract, develop and retain the best people. We provide all kinds of third party inspection services on behalf of Ministries / Clients at the works of manufacturers in side and out side of Kuwait.


GIICO staff undertake surveillance inspection and accept construction works in accordance to recognized international standards (such as API, BSS, ASME, ASTM, ISO and DIN).

Inspection services are provided for electrical, mechanical & chemical products, Transformers, GIS, Switchgear, Cables, D.I. Pipes & Fittings, Valves, manufactured goods, Lifting equipments and other materials.

Services Included:
* Pre-shipment inspection of all kinds of Electrical and Mechanical 
  equipment's for MEW, PAHW, MPW, PAI, Local clients etc.
* Reviewing mechanical properties & Chemical Compositions of steel
* Checking fireproofing and insulation
* Reviewing Non-destructive testing of materials
* Testing and certification of tower, mobile and overhead cranes
* Welding procedure specifications and its qualification                       
  Supervision of  welding jobs such as joint configuration,                     
  electrodes, preheating, inter-pass temp. PWHT etc..   
* Evaluation and assessment of all kinds of vehicles / equipment,     
  plants etc.
* We have associates all over the world for any type of Third Party   
  Inspection services

Conducting inspection of all types of installation and maintenance work. 

Engaging with international inspectors in conducting inspections of all types of goods that come to the State of Kuwait by sea, land and air or that are exported from Kuwait to all international countries for the benefit and permission of institutions, government agencies and individuals in Kuwait and abroad, as well as materials or products that are manufactured in Kuwait.

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