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Marshall test


GIICO is equipped with a certified laboratory capable of providing prompt material testing results. Our laboratory Engineers / Technicians inspect, test and certify materials with efficient test data turnaround.

The material testing of concrete, aggregates, sand, asphalt, cement, raw materials, tiles, blocks, admixtures, water, and other construction materials is conducted in accordance with British Standards (BSI), American Standards (ASTM) and AASHTO Additionally, our lab has been accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025-2017 standards for a range of Soil, Concrete & Asphalt tests.

* QA/QC Works / Third Party Inspection & Testing Services:
During the project’s construction phase, GIICO’s engineers and
technicians conduct on-site and laboratory tests on various construction
materials to verify  compliance with the required specifications and

Typical field tests for earth works include in-site density of compacted layers by sand-replacement method using Sand-Cone and Speedy Moisture Tester.
Field tests for fresh concrete include determination of temperature, slump, air content, Unit weight and preparation of test specimen.

Field tests for asphalt during the course of work like monitoring temperature of asphalt and obtaining sample for further testing in the laboratory and other quality control activities like rate of application of MC/70 and Tack coat. Furthermore obtaining core sample of compacted asphalt to perform thickness and density test in the central laboratory.

GIICO can set up a full-scale site laboratory for third-party testing services in major project sites according to the requirements of client specifications.

* Condition Survey and Structural Evaluation by Load Test:
GIICO’s Engineers and technicians have vast experience in condition surveys of new, old and fire-damaged structures. To accomplish this task, we  possess different testing equipment's such as Drilling Machines, Core Bits with Diameter ranging from 3” to 6”, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV), Cover meter, Half-Cell Potential, Schmidt Hammers, Concrete resistivity, pull off/out tests, petrographic analysis etc. Both materials and structural analysis are conducted.
We also conduct structural load test on structural elements and evolution based on the test results to check their structural integrity.

* Calibration of Testing Equipment:
GIICO's lab has various reference instruments for calibration of thermometers,
Balances, molds, speedy moisture tester, Sand Cones and drying ovens etc.

* Consultancy Services:
We also undertake consultancy services for evaluation of stockpile material, design & trial mixes of concrete, preparation of specifications, establishment of QA and QC schemes, failure investigations and statistical analysis of concrete tests etc.

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